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    If you or your organization feels that your human rights are diminished, jeopardized or threatened due to work you are doing and you like to request IPON to accompany your group, please contact us and send us the Requestsheet to request[at]


    Please read carefully our working principles and human rights approach before you contact us (PGP-Key).

    IPON understands human rights observation along our four working instruments:

    Presence & Accompaniment

    The IPON observers are present at the side of Human Rights Defenders (HRD) who are exposed to human rights violations because of their work. Furthermore HRD are accompanied to different ventures like political actions, meetings with governmental institutions, or conferences. In some cases individuals who are especially endangered get company by IPON members. The presence and the accompaniment are supposed to prevent assaults and enable the unhindered work of the HRD. It is believed to rise the inhibition threshold for encroachments by perpetrators. Additionally, IPON aims at increasing the sense of security of the human rights defenders through the presence and accompaniment. With this the possibility to choose violent means for struggle shall be minimised. Correspondingly, it shall open their space to continue their struggle with peaceful means.


    IPON documents human rights violation and abuses according to their human rights definition. Especially IPON documents human rights violations which are related to the engagement of human rights defenders, IPON works for. As it can be difficult to get unfiltered information from conflict areas, the possibility to document events in situation makes the reports of the IPON observers very valuable. The documentation always takes place in regard of human rights. Because of the legalistic approach the role of the state actors is essential in the critical analysis of the human rights situation.

    Informing & Acting

    The information that has been gathered directly in the conflict area and has been analysed by the observers are brought to the attention of an international public. IPON is in touch with different institutions of the Philippine state and points out their responsibility ofimplementing human rights. In Germany the reports are handed over to the public. They serve as a basis for the work of organizations, pressure groups and politicians. This way the international pressure on the Philippines to guarantee human rights rises. IPON is convinced that the publication of human rights violations will finally lead to their decrease and prevention.