Get in contact

    If you or your organization is interested in the work of IPON please contact contact[at]


    If you or your organization feels that your human rights are diminished, jeopardized or threatened due to work you are doing and you like to request IPON to accompany your group, please contact us and send us the Requestsheet to request[at]


    Please read carefully our working principles and human rights approach before you contact us (PGP-Key).

    IPON`s Working Principles

    Non- intervening

    IPON is non intervening in the partner organisation's work and objectives.

    IPON is not an advocacy group of the accompanied groups, but IPON advocates their human rights.



    IPON is a non violent organisation. Therefore, we only promote and support groups who decided for a peaceful approach in their struggle.


    Works upon request

    Every group which considers its human rights abused and violated can request IPON. After a thorough investigation of the group and the background, IPON decides along its criteria if a mandate will be negotiated.