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    IPON began its work on the Bondoc peninsula, which is part of the biggest island of the Philippines, Luzon. In 2006 the first IPON-Team initiated their work with the aim to improve the Human Rights situation in Bondoc in context of the implementation of the Philippine land reform, CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program).

    After being requested by the KMBP, a local farmers' association that strives for the implementation of Human Rights, the freedom of political commitment as well as the right to work without limitations, IPON decided that human rights observation seemed necessary as a consequence of the threats, unjustified complaints, harassments, and even murder cases that the members of KMBP were being subjected to. The inactivity of the state actors concerning these human rights abuses was another factor that contributed to IPON's decision of working in this region.


    The cooperation with KMBP ended in 2010, when the last mandate contract expired. While IPON has now shifted its focus on the human rights situation in Mindanao and Negros, we still keep an eye on the current developments in Bondoc


    Upon request by the KMBP, IPON, observers returned to Bondoc Peninsula to work on the case of Elisa Tulid, who was the leader of a local peasant organization. Mrs Tulid was murdered in October 2013 and IPON suspects a connection between her death and her activism as a human rights defender. Interviews conducted by IPON observers document an unresolved conflict between the residents of Mrs Tulidís Sitio and the local landowner. The ongoing dispute triggers harassments and threats perpetrated against the farmers, who lack of confidence in local security forces. At the moment, IPON works together with Mrs. Tulidís widower, TFDP and KMBP to assure a just trail in the murder case and to increase the security of Mrs. Tulidís family.


    Since June 2015 IPON stays in close contact with Evangeline Silva. Evangeline is Secretary General of Pesante Pesante, an organization that supports small farmers in their struggle for land allocation within the Agrarian Reform. In 2004 she and her husband revealed an illegal land installation, which had been issued to nonexistent people. Her husband Agapito da Silva filed a petition with the DAR (Department of Agrarian Reform). Since then, the family, and Pesante are exposed to ongoing intimidation. In February 2015, violence escalated, Agapito was shot on his coconut plantation after increased death threats. Evangeline still prosecutes the petition under her own name and is pushing for a quick investigation of the murder of her husband. Since then, she faces increasing criminalization. At present there are five ongoing cases open, filed by her or against her, as well as high penalty fees she must pay within irregular intervals. IPON advocates for an improved security situation for her and her children, as well as quick and fair trials of all ongoing cases.


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