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    On request of the peasant organization Task Force Mapalad (TFM) IPON began working in Negros Occidental and Oriental in 2007. TFM is a farmer's association that supports and organizes the farmers working on sugar cane plantations who are demanding the implementation of the Philippine land reform in their area. In the following year, IPON conducted a study concerning the human rights situation in Negros to examine if the instrument of human rights observation was applicable on the demands of TFM. As a consequence of the positive results of this study, IPON resumed its work in Negros and has been working there as a permanent partner of TFM since 2009.


    The conflict in Negros is similar to the one in Bondoc. In this case, it is not coconut peasants, but sugarcane farmers fighting for their right to own land. In many cases, the farmers already are CLOA-title holders who still don't have any access to the farming land that is rightfully theirs. The former landowners have an enormous political influence and therefore have the power to manipulate the land requesting processes as well as the state actors in charge of enforcing them.


    In consequence of their objectives, the farmers who are members of TFM are often victims of attacks and threats issued by the former landowners. In many cases, armed security guards hinder them at entering their plantations with self-built barriers or even threaten to kill them if the farmers ignore the latter. Sadly, the guards haven't always left it at this: since 2001, property of TFM-farmers has been destroyed maliciously and several members of TFM have been murdered within the scope of the implementation of CARP.


    Since 2013, IPON is in close contact with the human rights defender and activist Zara Alvarez. Zara was jailed in October 2012 as a result of her commitment to protecting human rights in the province of Negros Occidental, based on unfounded allegations first for murder, later also of robbery in band. After almost two years in prison, she was released on bail in July 2014. Unfortunately there is no speedy end of the proceedings observable by now. The involved state actors, primarily employees of the local jurisdiction in Cadiz / Negros, fail to connect the criminalization to her work as a human rights activist and the underlying motive to stop Alvarez from continuing her human rights work. Beyond that Alvarez does not enjoy any effects of a fair and speedy trial: Court dates are rescheduled, the prosecution remains absent at appointments, judges retire and their positions remain unoccupied indefinitely.





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