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    If you or your organization feels that your human rights are diminished, jeopardized or threatened due to work you are doing and you like to request IPON to accompany your group, please contact us and send us the Requestsheet to request[at]


    Please read carefully our working principles and human rights approach before you contact us (PGP-Key).


    Press Release, 30.06.2017: One Year Duterte


    Press Release, 13.06.2017: Human rights defender Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie faces yet again trumped up charge and warrant of arrest!


    Pressemitteilung, 18.11.2016: Kriminalisierung von Menschenrechtsverteidigern in den Philippinen setzt sich fort!



    Press Release, 18.11.2016: Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders in the Philippines continues!



    Press Release, 10.12.2015: Stop the Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders!



    Joint Statement on the Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders, 10.10.2015


    Case studies

    IPON published specific reports about cases or region were grave human rights violations occur. The reports are based on precise and comprehensive research and monitoring by the observers.


    The Extrajudicial Killing of Antonio "Dodong" Petalcorin - The Culture of Impunity and its Effects on Human Rights Defenders, 2017



    Report on the Human Rights situation in Negros 2013: "Hacienda Carmenchika-Grande"



    Report on red-baiting in the Philippines 2012: "Red-Baiting in the Philippines"



    Report on legal vacuums in the Philippines 2012: "Kingdoms of the lawless"



    Report on the human rights situation at the landholding Agueda, Negros Oriental 2010



    Report on the human rights situation at the landholding Teves, Negros Occidental 2009



    Report on the killing of the human rights defender Deolito "Julie" Empas, Quezon, Bondoc Peninsula 2008

    (English, Tagalog, German)




    The permanent presence of the observers gives IPON the opportunity to write analysis about regions which are mostly far up from the international attention. IPON wants to provide objective and reliable information regarding the human rights situation of the accompanied groups. The information can be used by national and international organizations or individuals, to pressure the Philippine government to fulfil human rights obligation.


    Furthermore, with the biannual Journal "Observer" we want to contribute to a diverse and constructive discourse on human rights issues around the world.


    Please contact us if you need any further information.